The Skyblock Challenge

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A most interesting way to play Minecraft. You start out with a tiny island made up of about 80 blocks of dirt, a chest with a few materials, and a single tree. From there, you have to expand the island and complete a bunch of small challenges. I tend to overbuild, as you will see here by comparing the before and after images of my challenge attempt so far. Even with so much infrastructure, I have yet to finish a few of the required challenges, such as building 40 stone brick blocks, and building 20 bookshelves. I only just now set up a reed farm to finish the latter, and the former requires me to bake a lot of cobblestone in a furnace, of which I have been using all of my cobblestone for building.

So far, I have pulled over 19,000 cobblestone blocks from a little machine that uses the infinite effects of water and lava source blocks to create stone. The Original Skyblock IslandMy WIP Skyblock Island

Wallpaper Corner:

In which you get blown up by going outside without checking to see if you had a visitor at the door.


It was a box. It was, in fact, the Box.

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Last summer, I acquired a kindle. Upon getting it, I immediately had it engraved with the one thing I find necessary on a mobile reading device. xkcd of a similar idea. A lot of people I know don’t like the idea of getting rid of physical books, but I find it a lot easier to carry around than a normal book, and it’s just as comfortable to read.

I’ve got a bunch of Robert Heinlein’s books on it right now, and have been chewing through those during just about every bit of free time I’ve had lately. His books are some of the most well written and well thought through pieces of literature I have ever read. His mental invention of devices basically includes everything we take for granted in the modern world.

Dorman’s Interlude:

Mr. Dorman: Food GET.
Mr. Dorman: It is a large bell pepper stuffed with cheese and meat.
Mr. Dorman: I’m not sure how to eat this
Atlas Rune: Eat it like a man, by just shoveling it into your mouth with your hand

Wallpaper Corner:

In which we destroy all the stars in a drunken rampage, and then magically roll up random things into new stars.

wallpaper-728973 wallpaper-728993


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I may elaborate further later, but Minecraft is awesome.

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Achievement Unlocked

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ubuntu – server overloaded edition

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That will be all for now.

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