To Internet, or not to Internet.

That is not, and shall never be the question. There is no IRL, there is only code.

Stupid statement jests… I need to find something better to joke about…

I have been trying to find a good free mmo… I have tried everything… I don’t have the patience for 99% of the ones out there, and the only game that has stuck me as lasting fun is pay2play… Tabula Rasa… What does it take for these people to make games that are fun?

Also, crafting systems? Whats the deal with those? No-one can create them well. It always is better just to sell the raw resources than to craft things yourself. In a well built game, it would be a better deal to sell the handiwork’d item, instead of the Raw materials that made them… Even in SWG, by far the best crafting system I have seen so far… Still gets this wrong… You can make many times as much money selling the raw materials than selling the product. When I had my free trial, I was making speeder bikes. The 8000 some resources that I needed to make the craft cost about 4 credits each(were I to buy or sell them), and to sell the speeder, I was only able to get 20,000.

With Tabula Rasas crafting system…(What brought this rant up) You have to have like 10,000 base materials, each costing like 10 credits, to create 100 of the top tier items, costing only 150 credits… (of which you can buy each tier of items in the store, and no EXP is given for crafting, nor is there any reason to do this craft line…)

Also, blueprints… How the hell could they be one use only… Especially for items normally mass produced… You should be able to produce infinite amounts of items with that one blueprint… As long as you have the materials to create those items…

I want a good crafting system…
And a non boring game…
Is that too much to ask?

Also, on a side not, if you type Rideo into google, it asks if you misspelled radio…


~ by Atlas Rune on August 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “To Internet, or not to Internet.”

  1. Radio?? should ask if you mispelled rodeo!

  2. Hehe, though it sounds closer, rodeo is less common than radio.

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