Alt title:”Watch out kids, this water could explode!”

No really, the airlines are too paranoid for their own good.

You CAN carry a normal size empty water bottle.
You CAN carry the same amount of water, in multiple 3oz bottles, in a single ziplock bag.
You CAN’T carry a full water bottle…

Honestly, if someone is going to be carrying explosive chemicals, they are probably going to be in individual parts anyway, and if someone is carrying a water bottle, its going to be water or something only slightly more sinister, sugar water. Watch out airmen, I am going to rot your teeth out!

Psh… At least just about everything else that isn’t sharp, super pressurized, or directly explosive is allowed on the plane. I just hope they don’t yell at me to put my DS or Zune away… That would be a fun killer…

Oh, and they don’t mind if your checked baggage is full of guns and swords, as long as they don’t contain anything more explosive than bullets, and are not in your carry on… I want to fill a second bag full of knives, and bring it with, just for lulz. How many knives does it take to equal 70 lbs?

6 days in sunny Hawaii? What do I need other than a few changes of clothes, my swimsuit, a book, and my electronics? I am not camping, so most of my normal packed gear has to be removed…


~ by Atlas Rune on August 14, 2008.


  1. John Locke had a butt load of knives with him on his flight >_>

  2. Yea, but that was a locked and padded case… I want a duffel bag full of knives.

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