Random CSS server

Ignorance and Contradiction!

Welcome to Seattle DuckSoup’s CS:S Server

Avoid the Holy Hammer of Duck (For Noobs: Don’t get Banned)!  Obey the following Rules at all times:

1) Don’t be an Ass-Clown.

2) Don’t be a Haxing, Abusing Ass-Clown (this includes ‘bunny hopping’!).

3) Don’t be an annoying Clan-Loser Ass-Clown.

4) Don’t be a whiny, bitchy, moaning, nothing good to say about anything Ass-Clown.

5) Don’t be a bigoted, racist, hater of different people Ass-Clown.
(Again for the Noobs: calling stuff gay or people fags)


~ by Alex Dorman on August 26, 2008.

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