I don’t think they even heard me.


Not in this place, at least…

The Internet is too vast for a place like this to get attention. The blog of a simple high school student will probably never be noticed, but its nice to just have it here in case it somehow does get noticed.

My “act” has ended by becoming an integral part of my nature, I told myself. It’s no longer an act. My knowledge that I am masquerading as a normal person has even corroded whatever of normality I originally possessed, ending by making me tell myself over and over again that it too was nothing but a pretense of normality. To say it another way, I’m becoming the sort of person who can’t believe in anything except the counterfeit. ~Yukio Mishima

The counterfeit, that is what most of the internet is. We must continue with the laughing, because it is now part of our nature. Real life is starting to feel like just a masquerade.

Flying EngineerMy last Digital media project was this poster over here. The project was to make a design out of just black and white text. I traced a picture of a TF2 Engineer flying on one of his buildings. Its really cool what you can do with the letter J.

The trailer for the new watchmen movie looks absolutely epic.


~ by Atlas Rune on October 23, 2008.

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