Lulz and Slander!


I present a gift of a pretty wallpaper! 1440×900, because I made it for my laptop.


There is just something epic about the radio at Pandora. Generally, when I listen to music, I pop an album into my music player, and let it shuffle songs from that single album till I get bored, 5 or so hours of listening to it later… With Pandora, I put in a set of artists I like, and I get diverse, but similar music back. With my “station”, Rideo, Radio, Run, I asked it to play songs from the base of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, and The Pillows. This selection is quite diverse, but keeps the music all close to the alternative rock genre.

Dorman’s Interlude:

Alex says:
bacon sandwhich =D

He doesn’t have much to say, or he is lazy… Probably a combination of the two…


~ by Atlas Rune on March 17, 2009.

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