“Hey! Gary Gygax died so you could have DnD, so don’t laugh about it!!”

lulzandslanderNT existance flenslare flenslareNT lulzandslander2

I was asked for a copy of my “Lulz and Slander” wallpaper without the words. I have put up a few wallpapers I made in class, along with the original without text. The effect of grunge on a desktop is funny.

With statements like the title of this post, I must lol at Dungeons and Dragons even more. I have been watching a group of noobs at school play DnD during their off period. During one adventure, the DM decided to let them live with some sort of divine protection after they blew up themselves in a methane cavern by lighting a fire spell. Their rogue is by far the most trustworthy of the party, and their druid has no clue about anything nature related… The DM had to give the group hints before he realized that he needed to intervene with his ability to tie in with nature. Also, clerics, light spells, and owls do not mix.

I installed Adobe Master Collection CS4 the other day. Everything works just great so far, except for Photoshop CS4, it lags on my computer no matter what I do. I am tempted to install an old version like CS2 or Elements so that I can use Photoshop efficiently.


~ by Atlas Rune on March 18, 2009.

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