//Blasphemy of Actionscript

//Title Screen
//Weird Play Button, instructions, and title
//A game to be bored.
var existence=Infinity;                            //Because existence is necessary for use.
var speed=30;                                    //General speed variable.
var acceleration=9.81;                            //Gravity, not really needed here.
var pi=3.14159;                                    //Pi, the delicious constant.
var boredom=true;                                //Tells the computer its state of mind.
var datx=9;                                        //Simple value for multiplication.
var daty=1;                                        //Another simple value storage slot.
var score=9;                                    //Text Variable Storage. Lives.
var time=12*60;                                    //Sets the time limit for the game.
boom = new Sound();                                //Create Sound 1
boom.attachSound("boom");                        //Attach Sound 1
sheep = new Sound();                            //Create Sound 2
sheep.attachSound("sheep");                        //Attach Sound 2

stop();                                            //stop

playButton_btn.onRelease = function(){            //check for clicking the button.
    gotoAndPlay("Rideo");                        //Go to the bloggame.
}                                                //end onrelease


~ by Atlas Rune on April 16, 2009.

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