Ad Impossibilia Nemo Tenetur

"No one is obliged to do the impossible."

  Over the past few months, I have had a great time. I graduated from high school, went to the Scout camp Meriwether, and lately have just been listening to music and playing games.

Personally, I cant wait for college, I’m going to be going to Oregon Institute of Technology, or OIT for short. I’m going to study Civil Engineering, as I love physics, math, and designing things.

Since I haven’t posted any pictures in quite a while, I will post all the good photos I have. The only one of these that I am in is two columns down, in the shiny velvet tux. I can give details about just about all of these, so if you want them, please feel free to give a comment asking about it.

P1000158P1000165  P1000099P1000103  P1000225 P1000228 P1000237P1000236  P1000242 P1000252 P1000267P1000257P1000258P1000270P1000274P1000271P1000276 P1000280 P1000294 P1000295 P1000301 P1000305 P1000313 P1000316 P1000319 P1000328 P1000332 P1000334 P1000339P1000336P1000337P1000345P1000369P1000375P1000380P1000356


~ by Atlas Rune on July 23, 2009.

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