Fresh Start.









Above is a picture of a lake during my 50 miler this summer, it seems that I haven’t posted it yet. Both pictures are taken from the same point, at the same time of day. The difference in lighting just because of camera angle is great.

Today, I checked into my dorm room, played Ultimate Frisbee in the dark with glowsticks, and attempted to get wireless internet on my computers. I need to go buy an Ethernet cord tomorrow, so i can get reliable and faster internet on my desktop. OIT limits all students to 5GB of bandwidth a week… I can use that easily in a day at home…

Dormans Interlude:

Mr. Dorman says:
Kirk died ;0;

Luckily, I’ve got 15 gigs of music on my hard drive, and 62 gigs of movies(HD movies are fun.). It should be enough to tide me over till i can get home. I’m a few hundred episodes behind on the animes I watched a few years ago… I have an urge to watch more of them, but I cant.

Tomorrow, I shall go and try and get my books. Tonight, I shall sleep.



~ by Atlas Rune on September 24, 2009.

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