Day 3: Old friends and new hilarities.

Today, I found some of my friends from high school around during the campus activities. I won a game of Apples to Apples. By the end of the game, i had 5 cards, where the second most was only 3. Apparently, playing a Will Smith card while any girl is judging automatically warrants a win.

We had a speaker about relationships today. He had some interesting things to say, but was able to keep the entire audience laughing at the same time. He also seemed to think that all college relationships were about sex, which got kind of annoying. During every section of his speech, he made sure to include gays and lesbians, even if he didn’t know how to apply his knowledge to that part of their specific attitudes.

Mr. Dorman seems to be offline, so I cannot collect random shit from him as of right now.

As an ending, I present a relevant image.



~ by Atlas Rune on September 26, 2009.

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