Day 5: Chem, Calc, and Crazies. Also, Comedian.

The first day of classes has been defeated. Miniboss: Crazy barely English speaking chemistry lecture teacher. Defeated with prior knowledge of chemistry, so i don’t have to even know what she’s saying.

My classes so far are easy… Easier than I’ve ever expected college to be. The chemistry curriculum is definitely a step below what I took in high school, and as I took AP Calculus, my calculus class is just review and mastery of a subject I already know.

I finished the homework for the entire week in my Writing class during my lunch hour today, consisting of a simple getting to know worksheet, and a 2-5 page memo. I’ve yet to find a printer to produce a hard copy of the memo, which is due Friday, but I can figure that out tomorrow.

So, the dorm halls all have a “theme” here at oit. They’re decorated according to that theme by the Residence Hall Advisors, Aka Civil Protection. I got lucky and got the hall decorated to super heroes, instead of the terrible one the guys across the building got: Disney.

In honor of that theme, I got this poster, and put it on my door. Behold, the greatest Anti-Hero of all time. THE COMEDIAN.


Dorman’s Interlude:

Mr. Dorman says:
That face drawn on your nametag is disturbing


~ by Atlas Rune on September 28, 2009.

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