Day 10: Weekend Skipping

I’ve decided that I’m going to be skipping the weekends for posting. It may not make perfect sense, but it allows me to go away and do stuff on the weekends without worrying about posting my blog.

I tried the schools “cafeteria” food here, and it’s pretty decent, and cheap. I was talking with my girlfriend, who is going to UofO, and the meal plans are completely different up there. Where OIT’s plan is counted by “Points” which equal cents, the UofO “Points” are roughly dollars. As I’ve got the smallest meal plan, I’ve got about $2.50 cents a day, which will get me a main meal for EVERY meal of the day. I can get 3 servings of scrambled eggs for 45 points, a corn dog(A hell of a lot better quality corn dog than i was expecting) for 40 points, and a piece of pizza for 70 points. Giving myself about 250 points a day, that leaves me with 95 points to spend on extras for my meals. I can get a 22 ounce can of Arizona tea for 75 points, and a doughnut for 10 points.

It seems people HATE the pass between Klamath Falls and Medford with a passion. I’ve had my entire scout troop, and even my family flake out this weekend, because of a chance of snow. My parents, at least, were on the road before they turned around, so i can’t blame them. But a SCOUT TROOP being afraid of a little snow? I cannot believe that.

I brought 2 sweatshirts, a jacket, and a windbreaker with me here to OIT, knowing it gets quite cold. I’ve yet to use ANY of them. We had a little snow Sunday morning, but it wasn’t sticking, and it ended about an hour after I woke up.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies the last few days. There isn’t much to do after everyone goes home from classes, so the campus ends up being really dead. I’m getting really good at watching a 2 and a half hour movie in 10 minutes. I can get the entire gist of the movie, and sample all the acting while jumping ahead 20 seconds at a time.

Every once in a while, i land on a movie that gets interesting enough that I go back to the beginning and watch it fully. So far, I’ve only landed on a few of these movies. One of them was terrible in its own right, but it was funny enough for me to sit and watch it. That movie was “Big Bad Wolf” which was a terrible b-rate horror movie about a werewolf that jests while he kills his victims. The other ones were Juno, A lot Like Love, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the silver surfer.

Juno was by far the best of the movies that I watched in the last few days. I’m attaching a chatlog of my reactions to the movie. I lost the responses of the other people to the first half of my replies, but I’ve still got the second half. I put it into a page, right below.

Chatlog Here

Mudding Reflection:

zMOGus wisps: The episodes of stargate on Hulu are labeled SyFy


Safe to say, when I sent that, I was mad. My roommate was watching Stargate SG1, a show that I generally like, but when i saw the new watermark, I got mad. SyFy stands for NOTHING, absolutely nothing. Its about as catering to the clientele as Martha Stewart machining a flame painted motorcycle.

Dorman’s Interlude:

Alex: The Patriots did it.

zMOGus: I wants a zune hd
Alex: I’d rather get an ipood touch
Alex: apps ftw

Alex: Ridie-ohs!
Alex: Breakfast for the lulz!



~ by Atlas Rune on October 5, 2009.

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