Day 14: Competition, What competition?

As I said before, my speech class for yesterday was canceled. It turns out that my writing class today was also canceled, I wrote it down, but forgot to remember.

Printing here at OIT is a nightmare. If you’re at a normal fixed computer, you have to use the browser to access the printer list, and then find the printer closest to you, download the driver, and only then can you print.

In the library, they use a secure printing method, so you can print without having to go through the above method, but you have to go to the printer, and input a password directly to the printer to get it to push out your paper.

I miss having my own printer, but the last one I had corrupted it’s inks too quickly. I also miss the built in scanner. I want to get one of those small scanners that move the paper rather than the scanbar. Also, it would be epic to have a laptop with a built in printer. You wouldn’t need anything bulky for a black and white printer that only does a single piece of paper at a time.

Chemistry is too easy. Metrics are too easy. They also are so easy, I remember their conversions, but don’t remember that I remember. I kept fretting during my quiz that I had them wrong, but afterwards checked a conversion chart, and had put them down pefectly. u(mu) is x10^-6, n is x10^-9 and p is x10^-12.

Dorman’s Interlude:

Mr. Dorman says:
squeeee, jazz versions of the beatles

Wallpaper Corner!

Today, I bring offering of some random  wallpapers I have on my laptops hard drive. I did not make these, so I cannot take credit.




~ by Atlas Rune on October 9, 2009.

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