Day 18: Interview!

Today, I had to interview one of the members of the Civil Engineering staff. I WAS supposed to do it with a group of 2 other people, but one of them had a class during every one of our faculties office hours, and the other one just forgot.

We didn’t have to go to our CIV 101 class today because of the interviews this week. So I’ve got just speech today.

Speech is a very weird class.

The major thing I got out of speech today was that professionals have to stereotype to speak.

Dorman’s Interlude:

Mr. Dorman says:
Best thing ever

Anyways, somehow i missed the steel bridge competition meeting today… I can’t believe i missed it, as I really wanted to be a part of that program. I’m really spacing club activities for some reason.


(I’m not attempting to use this image as my own, I’m just putting it here for the lulz)


~ by Atlas Rune on October 15, 2009.

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