Day 20: Sufficiently Advanced Pornography is Indistinguishable from Art.

Yesterday, I spent a good few hours on deviantArt, browsing the People and Portraits section.

Today, I’m going to do something which i terribly dislike, and make you click a link to read my post. I’m doing this mainly because I’m posting about something that not everyone wants to see. You can read the title of the article to figure out what I mean.

While browsing this section, though it wasn’t my original intention, I ended up running into many many nudes. Nudity doesn’t bother me, of either sex, at least not by itself. Its really the composition of the image that gives it meaning, good or bad.

Artistic nudity is beautiful, nudity for just pornographic sake is ugly. One image i found in particular, though barely containing nudity, was pornographic, and had no artistic value. There was no flow in the image, it wasn’t clean enough or even grunge enough to fit into a niche, and the girl was chained up while being molested by another girl… Why the hell do people make images like this? WHY? (On another note, this image has been deleted from deviantArt.)

Many of these photographers post multiple images in sets. They use the same model or backdrop and change small things every time. One of these photographers that I noticed last night was posting a set of a lanky girl, with orange stripes painted on her. Because I was browsing from the newest on, I passed over most of the set while browsing. The largest of the three images I’ve added below caught my attention. This image has style. It has flow, it has emotion. The image has artistic value.

The rest of the set… I couldn’t dislike more. The image on the left, and the one in the middle, they don’t really have anything going for them artistically… They’re just soft-core porn…






The below images are from a german woman who really knows how to use nudity artistically. She’s got a good 10 pages of nude images, and yet none of them are sexual at all. Seriously, in browsing her gallery, the image of her with the camear I’ve got linked below exudes more sex than any of her nudes.

















Dorman’s Interlude:

Mr. Dorman says: … >_> GET OFF MY LAWN
Mr. Dorman says: did I tell you poloroid is bringing back their instant film?

Mr. Dorman says: oween-140699139
Mr. Dorman says: what
Mr. Dorman says: the  fuck

I may be an art critic…

Overall, his deviations received 138 comments and were added to deviants’ favourites 60 times, while he commented 843 times, making about 1.08 comments per day since he joined DA. This means that he gave 61 comments for every 10 that he received.


(Hopefully, in linking these images back to their original posts, I’ve appeased the god of copyright. THESE ARE NOT MY IMAGES.)


~ by Atlas Rune on October 19, 2009.

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