Day 27: Well Carp.

Thinking I would make a photo post today, I fished through my drawer trying to find my SD card reader. I don’t actually have it with me… >__> I left it at home with my mom, so she could use her camera. I have to use my laptop, and its safely away in my backpack right now, as I don’t have wifi in here.

I’ll make a photo post tomorrow, maybe.

I’ve been playing the Discworld Mud, as I have been a lot lately.

So, the game uses a bunch of random programming within itself. You can script and code your own aliases to make life easier, and even put simple variables into your description.

When I wear a mask, or whatnot, my character description shows the following, with the item name of whatever it is I’m wearing showing through.

Tiny gnome eyes peer at you through a black and white harlequin mask.

When I’m not wearing the mask, it shows the following instead.

In the spot where his face would be, there is a hole containing a small gnome sitting in an ornate dark purple chair.

Wallpaper Corner!

Definitely not made by me. Also, don’t ask me why they’re both Harley Quinn wallpapers… I do not know why I grabbed them.

1219179744395 1219178252854

~ by Atlas Rune on October 28, 2009.

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