Weekend: NaBlPoMo

Next month, in November, I’m going to be participating in National Blog Posting Month, where I have to post every day for the month. It’ll be slightly annoying, but I think I can do it.

Semper Verus; Semper Nefas:

"I don’t windows very often, but when I do, I windows 7."
I linux ubuntu. I linux ubuntu because it’s actually very user friendly, the community is incredibly helpful and friendly even when you don’t actually talk to them (for instance, my case). They’ll tell you what you need to know generally, and almost always you get a response. Ubuntu itself is sleek and clean, has 25,000+ free pieces of software built into a program that will get them off the internet and install them for you (a la "Add/Remove" or my favorite "Synaptic Package Manager"). It’s clean, safe (all operating systems can get viruses, but it is FAR less likely on ubuntu or linux in general), and productive when you need it to be.

Semper Verus is one of my old friends, now reawakened from a long chronic Mike Jones Syndrome. Anyways, Mr. Dorman is no doubt passed out at a Halloween party right now. His quoteing may have to wait for a while.


~ by Atlas Rune on October 31, 2009.

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