Wave Return

I completely give up on my Day: system. Its too boring to try and find a post EVERY day, and I just can’t keep up with it. I still should be posting a few every week, but I just can’t do one every day.

Anyways, I got a wave invite from a friend the other day, and so have been using wave a lot lately. In total, my friends and I have posted 1125 posts to waves that I have been a part of. 758 of those have been in waves back and forth between one friend and I. Wave is like an instant messenger conversation, but so much more useful.

The ability to send image and files, as well as to be able to read someone’s post as they type makes it incredibly efficient. It also makes it easy to poke fun at their mistakes as they correct them.

My friends and I have started working on getting a D&D game going within wave, partially to test out wave, and partially to actually play a game of D&D.

We found a dice “app” for wave, which actually is a bot that you add to the conversation, which takes someone’s typing of XdY and calculates it out, then places the result right after the XdY. It then colours the result in yellow, and the roll in grey, and if you edit either of them afterwards, it highlights it all in red, to show that it has been tampered with.

Example, 2d6 (9)

Dorman’s Interlude

Mr Dorman says:
Whoever invented rice krispy treats deserves a nobel prize

Semper Verus, Semper Nefas

Semperverus: update with something about ramens, wave, and a dorman’s interlude next to a Semper Verus, Semper Nefas.

Anyways, Ramen is actually good when not overcooked. I was always used to slimy ramen at home, so i never ate it. Now, making it with water heated in the microwave, it tastes pretty good.

I didn’t have a fork or spoon or anything, so I ate my first ramen thing here with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Since, I managed to get my hand on a set of chopsticks from the dining hall, and have been eating it with that.


lol Cats #377


~ by Atlas Rune on November 21, 2009.

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  1. Too bad you’re the only one on my list.

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