Sweet Loot

It’s been a month since my last blog post, but I still exist.

Finals week has come and gone, Winter break is almost over, and soon I’ll be back in FREEZING Klamath Falls studying again.

At least next term I get a physics class. I’m so stoked.

Yesterday was “Capitalism Day”. The day where every newb has to COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CHRISTAIN FAITH. Seriously, those athiests or whatnot that complain about getting a day off OR even a day with holiday pay. ALL they have to put up with is some crappy christmas music(Even us who celebrate Christmas don’t like it) and a few people politely saying “Merry Christmas”. Seriously, if someone wishes you a happy holdiay, don’t f***ing piss off at them for being nice.

Anyways, I got some sweet loot for Christmas this year. Images Below.

P1000816 P1000817







For fun, consider the following Wikipedia link. A “nibble” is an OFFICIAL computer term.


Semper Verus; Semper Nefas:

Semperverus: i hope that’s a joke
Semperverus: i really do
zMOGus: No, not at all
Semperverus: Tebinybbles!
Semperverus: that should piss ANYONE off


~ by Atlas Rune on December 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sweet Loot”

  1. Yea i Don’t get any holiday pay and wish I was working, I can complain.

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