The Antichrist Has Arrived


Seriously, I doubt politicians could get dumber than this woman. “Let’s take back our country!” may as well mean “We want more idiots in politics!”.

I’m saddened by this magazine. Very saddened.

I once harboured no hatred for her. I even found the idea of a woman Vice President pretty cool. Then I started paying attention to her actions. She has absolutely no idea what she is doing. You can’t run a country with bat of the eyelashes, you just can’t.

She does seem to have a decent work ethic(Else, she slept her way up into the Republican party…), but she’s a complete idiot.

palin greek: πάλιν; "again"

Unfortunately, she’ doesn’t fit her root word. Unless we’re going with “again, another failure.”

Anyways, I think that a woman president could be a good thing. We just have to get someone into politics that isn’t as evil as Clinton, or as stupid as Palin.

Semper Verus; Semper Nefas:

Semperverus: people who say ‘we want our country back’ are usually talking about this country *points at all southern states*
Semperverus: yay for confederate racists!
Semperverus: palin is a confederate
Semperverus: no, she’s like the weeaboo of confederates
Semperverus: she’s never set foot on confederate soil
Semperverus: but she dotes over it
Semperverus: (or maybe she has
Semperverus: and gets palingasms over it)


~ by Atlas Rune on December 30, 2009.

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