Logical Fallacies

New semesters bring new teachers. New teachers bring more random things to laugh at. Every teacher has a slightly different speaking style, when instructing the class. Some are direct and to the point, some are evasive, some are annoying, and some are incredibly superfluous.

Somehow, I ended getting one of those superfluous ones for my English class. Teachers that think of themselves as higher beings are annoying. I think she’ll probably be a good teacher, but… the atmosphere is slightly annoying.

syntax is syntax, if you break it, it doesn’t work.

Using that statment, and some math that she had us help her write on the board, and I quote,

English professors don’t know math

Semper Verus; Semper Nefas:

Semperverus: Amendment to that
Semperverus: “Stupid English professors don’t know math.”

She tried(and failed) to reference the fact that math structure and sentence structure are the same. The thing about math, and most things is that syntax only determines WHAT sort of math you’re talking about.

Sometime later in the class, I decided to write down everything she was speaking. I got most of it, but she was speaking fast, so I didn’t get all of it.

Issue to argue
I see some of you are going to take notes(No-one in the class was taking notes)
It’s like where’s waldo
Gotta be arguable
Can’t be a fact
Can’t argue a fact
Semperverus: lol
zMOGus: She doesn’t even use complete sentences when talking.
Once you get an issue
You have to make a claim
Once you make a claim
IE: that you believe something, think something, think something should be done, should be considered
First paper assignment!
zMOGus: She send’s way too many things through email

Anyways, on a random note, my chemistry teacher is taking something easy, and making it incredibly hard to understand. Electron shell notation is easy, but she’s going into all the background details for it, and spinning it all out of proportion.

The quantum mechanical model uses three quantum numbers (n, l and ml) to describe an orbital.

n – The principal quantum number (size, energy) – a positive integer

l – the angular momentum quantum number (Shape) – an integer from 0 to n-1

ml – the magnetic momentum quantum number (orientation) – an integer from –l to +l

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~ by Atlas Rune on January 8, 2010.

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