Irrelevant Cause

In this following quote, I’m the player Lethal.

(One) Emrys wisps: Why do humans get "goosebumps" when they are cold, or under other circumstances?
(One) Katata wisps: increases surface area of the skin
(One) Katata wisps: is what I was told in first aid class
(One) Lethal wisps: Katata. Increasing the surface area of the skin when cold would INCREASE heat loss.
(One) Lethal wisps: if that was the only use of it.
(One) Lethal wisps: It’s a tie-over from fur, if i remember right.
(One) Emrys wisps: its the same thing, lethal
(One) Emrys wisps: except we are kinda naked
(One) Lethal wisps: It increases the amount of air trapped under the fir, and air is a good insulator.
(One) Emrys wisps: thats the cold reason
(One) Emrys wisps: but any event that illicits strong emotions can do it
(One) Lethal wisps: But that’s just the body being silly.

(One) Katata wisps: speaking of fur, I’m getting a cat soon
(One) Lethal wisps: A KITTY CAT? A KITTY KITTY CAT?
(One) Katata wisps: Yes. I will name him Toby
(One) Lethal wisps: YAY
(One) Lethal wisps: Toby is a good name.
(One) Lethal wisps: You should really name him shroedinger, though.
(One) Kenn wisps: Toby or Not Toby. That is the question.
(One) Lethal wisps: OOOooh. If i get cats, I will get two. Name one tesla and the other twain.
(One) Katata wisps: way to remember the 19th century
(One) Emrys wisps: the 19th century was neato
(One) Katata wisps: I wanted a lizard until I realized that they don’t do anything cool
(One) Katata wisps: they just kind of lay there

Dorman’s Interlude:

Parliment: Schrödinger
Teh Atlas: meh
Teh Atlas: oe = o with annoying things
Teh Atlas: that i can’t type nromally
Parliment: or on my keyboard, right alt + p = ö
Teh Atlas: >____>
Teh Atlas: wow
Parliment: I can also á ä å and â
Teh Atlas: >____>
Teh Atlas: Wow
Parliment: oh, and à
Parliment: ó_ó
Parliment: ó_ô

Also, I shall post an image. It’s an idea of mine, probably never going to go anywhere, though.



~ by Atlas Rune on January 25, 2010.

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