Two Days at “Home”

As I sit here, typing on my spider-worked netbook, I realize that this place really earns the quotation marks shown above. I don’t feel at home here, even though I’ve only been gone for about a semester and a half of school.

It’s entirely different than what I WAS used to. My little sister never spends more than 2 hours at home, unless she is sleeping. Her new job and her boyfriends house keep her away from here almost all the time, and it seems to actually relive a burden from my parents, as they’ve got free time now. My mother seems the best off of them all, as she no longer has the stress of my sister always asking her for driving/money, and she’s now participating in a workout regiment and a decent diet. Normally I don’t like the idea of diets, but this one seems to be nice as it allows her just about everything in small portions but pure sugars.

Though my mom is probably the best off, my dad is obviously the most content. Content generally equates to boring, but at least he seems to be happy doing it. After work, he spends most of his time golfing(whether weather permits) or reading while listening to the radio in his office. He’s got stacks and stacks of library books laying around, so I think he goes through them quickly now. Also, I got him addicted to Winamp’s SHOUTcast radio a while ack, so he’s got Winamp always open on his computer.

My room, as I think I described in a much earlier blog, is clean, organized, and feels like it’s already been left in the past. Right now, the only “personality” that is shown is that of my computer corner, where I’ve got my netbook hooked up to my old speakers and monitor, as well as my charging media playing device(zune) and my external HDD. I’ve got the netbook exporting to the monitor, with the main desktop showing on the 1280×1024 resolution there, and the netbook using its native 1000×600 to JUST use this blog posting program, because it fits perfectly on this wide of a screen. I’ve got a set of really outdated, but still quite decent, speakers blasting music from my favourite pandora channel, and I feel pretty darn good. I think I know how my dad can be so content with his lifestyle right now.

Have some simple wallpapers for fun.

1237559172797 1222902623705


~ by Atlas Rune on February 15, 2010.

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