Oppression: A Given Characteristic of Humanity, God


It is our duty as sentient beings to oppress everything with less ability than ourselves.

Though not my personal belief, I feel this is the way that our humanity has asserted itself. We exert oppression over all animals we see, all plants we encounter, our own children, and even our better halves(Interpret that however you see fit). And yet, when we see someone who has done the SAME thing as us, but on a larger scale, we label that person as a madman or a tyrant. We’re oppressing the oppressors.

The cycle will continue till everyone realizes that everything and anything is equal. Only when a truckload of gold is equal only to it’s weight and size in granite will we have met a good system. Only when it’s impossible to advance in any way, and everyone’s needs are met will we have a society without oppression.

In other words:




You were born into the human race – if you’re not creeping people out, you’re not doing your part to exist.

Dorman’s Interlude:

Dorman: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Timothy+2%3A12&version=NIV
Dorman: ^_^
Atlas: >______________________________________>
Dorman: This i why sarah palin will never be president, mirite?



~ by Atlas Rune on March 1, 2010.

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