Psychologically Overqualified

“I feel like i have no rhythm.”

I found this image today, when trying to fully define apathy to a friend. It describes apathy as being both not very challenging and requiring very little skill. I disagree. I think apathy is quite hard to fully achieve. Everyone seems to care about something, even if they don’t fully know it. Getting rid of that care, even the tiny little bit that is there in some people takes effort. From what I’ve seen, Apathy should fit right in the middle of this chart.

I tend to fit best in the relaxation section of this when I’m doing something I like, and in the boredom level when I’m not. As a lucid dreamer, I seem to exhaust all of my capacity for “flow” during my sleeping hours, lol. Caring for a challenge just isn’t in my list of priorities; It never has been.



~ by Atlas Rune on March 6, 2010.

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