The Early Bird Catches A Cold


Twisting old random sayings is quite a fun activity.

I somehow ended up scheduling classes for 8:00 every day I have school. Waking up every day to get to these classes has proven already to be annoying, but not necessarily hard.

Also, my stats teacher is crazy. We’ve had two classes so far, and the only direct thing that we’ve learned about stats is that it’s the science and art of studying data. Though sort of obvious, apparently she needs to hammer it into everyone who comes into the class. The rest of the classes was her just obsessing about statistics. Pointing out that statisitcs are everywhere, and that no-one had been collecting data till quite recently, because of apparent superstition. 

My class failed the birthday stat. It was great. She was left speechless.


~ by Atlas Rune on April 1, 2010.

One Response to “The Early Bird Catches A Cold”

  1. I get up every day at 8 too. MORNING BUDDYS!!!! Also my physics teacher is awesome! And from India!

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