The Skyblock Challenge

A most interesting way to play Minecraft. You start out with a tiny island made up of about 80 blocks of dirt, a chest with a few materials, and a single tree. From there, you have to expand the island and complete a bunch of small challenges. I tend to overbuild, as you will see here by comparing the before and after images of my challenge attempt so far. Even with so much infrastructure, I have yet to finish a few of the required challenges, such as building 40 stone brick blocks, and building 20 bookshelves. I only just now set up a reed farm to finish the latter, and the former requires me to bake a lot of cobblestone in a furnace, of which I have been using all of my cobblestone for building.

So far, I have pulled over 19,000 cobblestone blocks from a little machine that uses the infinite effects of water and lava source blocks to create stone. The Original Skyblock IslandMy WIP Skyblock Island

Wallpaper Corner:

In which you get blown up by going outside without checking to see if you had a visitor at the door.



~ by Atlas Rune on October 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Skyblock Challenge”

  1. Have I mentioned that you are brilliant?

  2. what are the diamaters of the circles?

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