zMOGus wisps: O_O a girl making a noose out of licorice
zMOGus wisps: the long red stuff they have at fairs
zMOGus wisps: This movei has a decent soundtrack…
zMOGus wisps: Movies about teenagers getting pregnant are wierd…
zMOGus wisps: Also, hamburger phone
zMOGus wisps: it makes me laugh
zMOGus wisps: This movie was really well recorded, music and sound wise
zMOGus wisps: Wait, there is an industry for hamburger phones?
zMOGus wisps: O_O Banana with comdom…. >_>
zMOGus wisps: Cacti every valentines day
zMOGus wisps: “I would never barf in your urn”
zMOGus wisps: “all babies want to get borned”
zMOGus wisps: Lol, playing a ds in the waiting room
zMOGus wisps: Boisenberry condoms… ._>
zMOGus wisps: Love the human noises in this waiting room
zMOGus wisps: “god appreciates your miracle”
zMOGus wisps: O_______o
zMOGus wisps: Lol, underwear with cherries on it
zMOGus wisps: LOL at the parents and friends reaction to the “father”
zMOGus wisps: The parents went from angry to amused.
zMOGus wisps: “I don’t really know what kind of girl I am”
zMOGus wisps: “I think girls get bored and have intercourse”
zMOGus wisps: sorry, misquoted. “Kids”
zMOGus wisps: “i’m not ready to be a pop-pop”
zMOGus wisps: “comeon, you know it wasn’t his idea”
zMOGus wisps: Its still early in the movie, so i doubt i’m spoiling anything important, just funny.
zMOGus wisps: “thanks for having me and my irresponsable child into your house”
zMOGus wisps: These adopters sound creepy
zMOGus wisps: I wonder whats wrong with them
zMOGus wisps: LOL
zMOGus wisps: hallway of photos
zMOGus wisps: Photos of the two people in white clothing
zMOGus wisps: She’s wierd.
zMOGus wisps: “sweet screaming pooping life”
zMOGus wisps: “is that a les paul”
zMOGus wisps: The guy seems like a stalker
zMOGus wisps: “what is that thing” “what do you make with it”
zMOGus wisps: to an excercise machine
zMOGus wisps: Is the woman afraid of music?
zMOGus wisps: “I’m gonna say about 104% sure”
zMOGus wisps: SPPpppptppt
zMOGus wisps: Hehe, hte ultrasound fluid coming out of the bottle
zMOGus wisps: The girls friend reminds me of my sister, but less mean.
zMOGus wisps: “maybe they’ll do a far shittier job than my dumbass stepdaughter ever would”
zMOGus wisps: O_o The girls stepmother is evil.
zMOGus wisps: A giant drill press being pushed into a womans stumach on the tv
zMOGus wisps: “bleakers mom was possibly attractive once, but now she looks like a hobbit”
zMOGus wisps: “orange tictacs are bleakers one and only vice”
Eko wisps: Orange tictacs do have a different consistency than all the other colors
Eko wisps: They crunch instead of crack
zMOGus wisps: O_o I’ve never had many tictacs…
Isolde wisps: they are the superior tictac
zMOGus wisps: He’s got a hamburger phone too…
zMOGus wisps: he doesn’t look too pleased to see her
zMOGus wisps: “Why does everyone think yellow is gender neutral, I don’t know any guy with a yellow bedroom”
Eko wisps: Mine’s pink
Magnus wisps that he raises hand.
Magnus wisps: I had a yellow bedroom when I was younger. -.-
Alleya wisps: What about green? That’s considered gender neutral
zMOGus wisps: “its the color of pee” I think is what the woman mumbled under his speech
zMOGus wisps: “boring” while juno is enthoused
zMOGus wisps: I spelled that wrong…
zMOGus wisps: O_O The woman is gay? Her reaction to the statement of Juno’s friend makes it sure.
zMOGus wisps: Wow, the reviews of this movie on imdb are terriblezMOGus wisps: The music in the background is good.
zMOGus wisps: O_O she grabbed like 20 items from the food line
zMOGus wisps: LOL!
zMOGus wisps: The friend thinks the ugly old teacher is hot
Eko wisps: Can we make this a tradition? Next week zMOGus should narrate Gigli to the whole mud.
zMOGus wisps: O_O
zMOGus wisps: His explaination of why they had sex is funny.
zMOGus wisps: “I still have your underwear” vs “I still have your virginity”
Magnus wisps that he votes virginity.
Robgea wisps: Seconded!
zMOGus wisps: Pregnant superhero comic….
zMOGus wisps: O_O
Magnus wisps: Muah!
zMOGus wisps: Does the woman think Juno and the guy are having an affair?
zMOGus wisps: O_O
zMOGus wisps: This looks wierd
zMOGus wisps: Juno’s wierd
Robgea wisps: You know who else is weird? Your mom.
zMOGus wisps: Lol, tehy’re dancing
zMOGus wisps: AFFAIR
Robgea wisps that he nods.
Magnus wisps: So wait a minute….Robgea’s having an affair with zMOGus’ weird mom? o____O
Presto wisps: Tomorrow on “As the Disc Turns”
Magnus wisps: Disturbing….I’ll skip that episode.
zMOGus wisps: Heheheheheheheheheheheh
zMOGus wisps: Crying while driving, not thebesty idea.
Magnus wisps that he thinks it’s better to cry while eating chocolate chip cookies in the shower.
zMOGus wisps: ^_^
zMOGus wisps: Wait, you can eat cookies while in the shower?
Drago wisps: yup
Arcessitus wisps: how big is your nose?
Drago wisps: my best mate smokes ciggies in the shower
Arcessitus wisps: must have one big schnoz
tuan wisps: one Wouldn’t it get wet?
Rotas wisps: with those waterproof covers – you know, the size to fit a camel.
Magnus wisps: What…? You’ve never seen drawn together or summin’?
zMOGus wisps: one Waterproof covers for cigarettes?
zMOGus wisps: “Just been out dealing with things Waaaay beyond my maturity level”
zMOGus wisps: “The right person’ll still think the sun shines out your ass”
zMOGus wisps: Heheh, tictacs out the mailbox
zMOGus wisps: “you can never have enough of your favourite 1 calorie breathmints”
Eko wisps: 0.75 innit?
zMOGus wisps: I dunno.
zMOGus wisps: hehehehe
zMOGus wisps: “can we make out now?”
Eko wisps: That line’s surprisingly successful
zMOGus wisps: I couldn’t guess that
Rotas wisps: as long as you don’t preface or end it with ‘please’ because that just sounds needy.
Eko wisps: That one’s not so successful
Magnus wisps that he thought it was, “Thundercats! Hoooooooooooooo!” (bag)
zMOGus wisps: Docters are satists who like to play god and watch people suffer
Eko wisps: It was. “Thundercats are go” is a splice
zMOGus wisps: Yea, but she said it as are go
Eko wisps: “Thundercats Ho” and “Thunderbirds are go”
Zaylin wisps: that show was unsettling
zMOGus wisps: Hehe, the guy finished his race, and then ran to the hospital, without being told… >_>
Rotas wisps: I saw the movie ThunderPants. ThunderPants Are Go! Would be quite an unsuccessful pickup line.
zMOGus wisps: LOL
zMOGus wisps: Hehe, watching the credits just to listen to the music
zMOGus wisps: Juno was a really good movie. I reccomend it to anyone who hasn’t been listening to me spoil the funny lines.
zMOGus wisps: And to those i spoiled who wanted to watch it, sorry.


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