The Early Bird Catches A Cold

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Twisting old random sayings is quite a fun activity.

I somehow ended up scheduling classes for 8:00 every day I have school. Waking up every day to get to these classes has proven already to be annoying, but not necessarily hard.

Also, my stats teacher is crazy. We’ve had two classes so far, and the only direct thing that we’ve learned about stats is that it’s the science and art of studying data. Though sort of obvious, apparently she needs to hammer it into everyone who comes into the class. The rest of the classes was her just obsessing about statistics. Pointing out that statisitcs are everywhere, and that no-one had been collecting data till quite recently, because of apparent superstition. 

My class failed the birthday stat. It was great. She was left speechless.


Censorship is…

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Pi Day

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51O5jLJH-fL._SS400_ Today is Pi day! March 14, or 3.14.

A wizzard has drawn you a whale.

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Now you’re thinking without portals.

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Valve recently updated their epic “shooter” Portal with a sneaky, and almost viral, prelude to it’s next game, Portal 2. (And apparently has removed the update from the update system, so people who didn’t update during the time don’t get it.) Again, it made me think in portals. How to launch myself with portals, how to launch physics objects with portals, how to redirect missiles with portals, how to shit with portals, and finally how to piss off rogue AI’s with portals.

THE PROBLEM is trying to get back to thinking normally once you’ve spent more than a few hours at a time portal-hopping through this world. You constantly feel like your vision SHOULD be spinning, and almost lose balance existing in a world without portals.

Anyways, this post is a little late, but still epic.


My Name is Lucifer, Please Take My hand

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I want one of these. They’re the epitome of religious comedy. It’s not directly offensive, and it shouldn’t be, but it pokes fun at people who carry pocket bibles. If GOD has any direct characteristics, he must have a sense of humor.

At any rate, it seems I tend to poke a lot of fun at religion here on Rideo. It’s not that I have anything against Christianity itself, but I tend not to like ORGANIZED religion as it stands. When a church becomes monetized, and strays from focus on what it should and it annoys me.  As to why I only really pick on Christianity, it’s the only one I tend to know much or really anything about.

Also, as a final note, rounded corners can make any image look good.

Psychologically Overqualified

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“I feel like i have no rhythm.”

I found this image today, when trying to fully define apathy to a friend. It describes apathy as being both not very challenging and requiring very little skill. I disagree. I think apathy is quite hard to fully achieve. Everyone seems to care about something, even if they don’t fully know it. Getting rid of that care, even the tiny little bit that is there in some people takes effort. From what I’ve seen, Apathy should fit right in the middle of this chart.

I tend to fit best in the relaxation section of this when I’m doing something I like, and in the boredom level when I’m not. As a lucid dreamer, I seem to exhaust all of my capacity for “flow” during my sleeping hours, lol. Caring for a challenge just isn’t in my list of priorities; It never has been.