I am, to put it lightly, an avid reader of webcomics. On this page, I shall post links to my favourites.

Dresden Codak

One of the best art styles ever, but having only a few pages. Mr.Dormans perceived (He is real, I just only choose to copy specific parts of his messages) personality is based, in part, on Tiny Carl Jung.

Erf World

Originally on giantitp along with Order of the Stick, this comic has a great artstyle, and a funny take on tabletop wargaming.

Order of the Stick

A funny stick-figure comic about a DnD campaign, along with many of the cliches that go along with it.

MS Paint Adventures

A great bunch of comics made (originally) with ms paint. I recommend starting with the Problem Sleuth comic.

Schlock Mercenary

A comic about an amorphous blob with an addiction to big guns.

Darths and Droids

A comic about star wars, without the star wars.

Questionable Content

Hilarious, posting every weekday, and including a psyco robot. Nothing could top this comic.

Looking For Group

Looking for group has a pretty good story about an elf paladin(warrior?) and his buddy, the sadistic warlock. Yay.

Girl Genius

A great steampunk story with its own twist on the existence of high machinery.

Three Panel Soul

My favourite comic of all. Brilliant art, and funny jokes, Matt and Ian have hit a perfect balance. There is no story, save for a few comics that work with eachother, if you want story from the same artists, go to their old comic, which I’ve listed next.

Mac Hall

This was one of the first webcomics I ended up reading, and really deserves praise. The art style evolves from almost scribbling to some of the best art I have ever seen.


Purposefully unpronounceable, xkcd is a comic about math, physics, romance, and more recently, internet culture. Many of the jokes come off as funny, others as stupid, depending on what you think is funny.


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